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Taiwan 15 Oct to 28 Oct 2017

We were in Taiwan from 15 Oct to 28 Oct 2017.  Our itinerary were 2 days in Taipei, 2 days in Taichung, 4 days in Kaoshiung and back to Taipei for 4 days.  To my disappointment, the weather was not as cool as I was hoping for.  Average around 25C.  Quite hot during daytime but less humid.

We bought the 10 days Taiwan SIM card with free NTD 150 voice call.  It was a wise decision as we used extensively the GPS to locate our destinations.  We also bought the Easycard for our transport purpose.  It can be used in Tainan, Taichung and Kaoshiung too.

We took the Airport Mrt to and fro from Taoyuan International Airport at NTD 160 per trip.  Took only 35 minutes for the express trip which stopped at Taipei Main Station.  Very convenient and comfortable.  Can use Easycard.

Generally, the cost of living in Taipei has gone up.  Things are more expensive now than 5 years ago we were here.

As expected, the service level of Taiwanese is good.  Polite and helpful.

I changed the currency in Singapore at different periods.  Around July was NTD 22.007  During October, it was NTD 21.15


Reviews of hotels/hostel/minsu we stayed:

Star Hostel, Taipei Main Station

Greenworld Hotel, Zhongxiao

Apartment 10F, Taipei Main Station

53 Hotel

CingJing Vienna Pleasance Cottage

The Icon Hotel    youtube_small




How we took bus from Taichung to CingJing Farm

Lotus Pond, Kaoshiung  

CingJing Farm/CingJing Vienna Pleasance Cottage  

 Cijing Island, Kaoshiung  

Dumpling Restaurant,  Taipei   youtube_small

MY灶 Restaurant. Taipei   youtube_small

Keelung Daytrip, Taipei  youtube_small

Yingge/Sanxia Old Streets   

Chu Shui Tang Restaurant, Taichung   youtube_small