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Seoul and Sokcho (9th to 22nd Oct 2016)

iseouluDecided to visit South Korea for 2016 annual family vacation after 2 years lap. As usual, I chose Fall period (9th to 22nd Oct) for its cool weather. However, I noticed during the afternoon, it was actually quite warm. Not humid like back home.

Chose to fly Singapore Airlines for the midnight flight. Price was SGD815 per head. Was quite disappointed with the inflight food served. Unappetising. Same food was served on the return flight too.

Altogether, three of us spent 11 nights in Seoul, 2 nights in Sokcho, stayed in 8 different hotels, hostels and guesthouses, and countless cups of latte or cappuccino.

We walked a lot but also ate plenty along the way. It was fun to walk during the pleasantly cool climate. Your mood just feels better.

Our mode of transport was using the comprehensive and detailed subway throughout our journey. We went by without much problem though sometimes a little confused why the train did not stop at a certain station. T-money card was very useful for our trips. We had bought the cards 2 years ago when we were here, and it was still valid.

From the airport, we took the All Stop train to Seoul Station. Compared to the express train (non stop), the saving is very substantial. Besides, we were not in a hurry.

Seoul Station remains one of my favourite place in Seoul. It is very vibrant with lot of cafes and restaurants. Lotte Mart and Lotte Outlets are also there. It is the hub of transportation in Seoul.

The exchange rate in Singapore was very low at the time of my travel. At the start of early October, I only changed SGD200. Rate was SGD1 = KRW791. However, in Myeongdong, the rate was KRW811 = SGD1 on certain days. Do scout around. Myeongdong remains my favourite place to exchange money.

I do not intend to write in detail here day by day of what we did or ate during our vacation. I will just summarise certain episodes of our travel. Hotel reviews I will post here as I am the person who read reviews before booking the accommodation. I gain some insight by reading reviews and hopefully, my reviews will help those who are planning their holidays.


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