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Seoul, Jeju and Busan (28 Sep to 11 Oct 2014)

south_korea_map We spent about 2 weeks from 28th Sep to 11th Oct for our trip in South Korea. Our Itinerary = 2 nights in Seoul -> 3 nights in Jeju -> 2 nights in Busan -> 6 nights in Seoul

We flew Korean Air from SG to Seoul at 0101 and arrived at around 0825. This is the first time I flew Korean Air and I must say I did not enjoy the flight. Seat was cramped as expected and food served very late in the flight was quite miserable. However, the return flight in the afternoon was better in terms of food served. SGD741 economy class.

Incheon International Airport – this is a ultramodern airport where we landed. Very busy airport. We took the AREX (express train) from the airport to Seoul station.   There was a promotional price of KRW6900 per head when using both the Airport Railroad and the KTX. Though it is expensive compared to All Stop train, the ride was comfortable and all the way without any stop. About 40 minutes ride.

AREX train - comfortable ride

AREX train – comfortable ride

Weather was nice in the range of 20 ⁰ C but was chilly in the evening. Some of the days, it was very sunny but not humid. So it was still very comfortable to walk around.

Transportation – most of the times we used the subway. Seoul subway looks complicated. Fortunately, we went without much difficulty – thanks to the English signs and announcement. Do spend some time to study the map and should be able to manage like we did. What I did is to take a snapshot of the sign in Korean the place that we were going. It was very useful when we asked for help.   I also downloaded the Seoul subway map which was helpful during our many travels in the subway. One thing that I found it very useful was to purchase the T money card for tourists. Just like the PASMO card of Japan. Extremely handy for travelling around using the subway and bus. Just top up in the G25 convenience store (plenty around every where). At the end of the trip, you get the refund for the rest of the balance with a small administrative charge. We made a mistake by not getting our refunds before we checked-in in the airport.

Money changer – from my experience, it is better to change money when you are in Seoul. SGD is also accepted. Myeongdong has many money change stalls. Do scout around for the best rate as I found out that rates differ from different vendors. There is a IBK money change counter located near exit 4 at Seoul station. Very convenient. I changed a few times here and the rate was very reasonable. However, there was always a long queue.

Many money changers in Myeondong.  Don't rush to change.

Many money changers in Myeondong. Don’t rush to change.

Shopping is a haven for women in Seoul. Women clothes are every where. While we were there, most of the stores were displaying winter clothing. I reckon the season plays a part. Cosmetic items are in abundance of different brands.


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