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How we went to Nami Island – Seoul

There are many ways of getting to Nami Island. This is a very popular daytrip from Seoul city.

What we did is I booked the train tickets for ITX Cheongchun online using KORAIL website. It certainly saves the hassle of ticket buying due to language barrier. Tickets are usually sold out for popular route. I paid KRW4800 per head.

Came the departure day, we went to Yongsan Station to board the ITX train. There was no delay and off we went. It was a comfortable one hour ride on the ITX train. The seat was wide and spacious.

Our destination was Gapyeong Station. There is a Tourist Information Counter booth outside the station. It was a little difficult to get information as the guy manning the booth did not speak English well. Nevertheless , we saw a shuttle bus where many people were boarding. It was the shuttle bus to Nami Island and other attractions. KRW5000 each and off we arrived to Nami Island after about 15 minutes ride.

Shuttle bus outside Gapyeong Station

Shuttle bus outside Gapyeong Station

Please bring along your passport to enjoy the KRW2000 off the ferry and entrance ticket to the island at KRW8000. I was aware of this discount but somehow forgot all about it. Paid the price of KRW10000 for my mistake.

Ferry ride about 6 minutes ride to Nami Island

Ferry ride about 6 minutes ride to Nami Island

A beautiful place to spend your time

A beautiful place to spend your time

The shuttle bus service is a hop on/off for both directions without limit. After our island visit, we proceeded to Petit France by taking the bus. It was a long and windy ride and we stood all the way.


Petite France - very picturesque

Petite France – very picturesque

We also took the shuttle bus to Cheongpyeong Station which is about 15 minutes from Petit France to take the subway back to Yongsan station. You need to make a few transfers by taking the subway. It took probably more than an hour to reach Yongsan station.


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