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Bulldog Cafe, Melaka (visited Mar 2017)

Just 5 minutes from Ramada Plaza along the busy Jalan Bendhara, the name of this café is intriguing.  Much as I anticipate, I did not see any canine of such breed around.  Though disappointed, we were rewarded with the amazingly good food here.  Price was affordable.

Bulldog Cafe, along Jalan Bendhara

Wife and I were famished when we reached this pork free café at about 1pm on a Friday afternoon.  Café will close at 2pm and reopen at 6.30pm in the evening.  Much to my surprise, it was empty.  Sometimes, seeing is disbelieving.  We sat and ordered the food.  10 minutes later, 3 more tables were filled. One of the tables filled with 6 people.  We were lucky to come early.

Simple setting of modern neat wooden tables and chairs.  A little pond with some koi swimming leisurely. A set of drums displayed in the middle of the cafe.  I believe there is some kind of live music in the evening.

Simple decor

Shortly, the food arrived.  The fried okra (MYR9) with belachan chilli was yummy. It was cooked to the right texture with the belanchan chilli as the hero of the dish.

Fried okra

Next came the sambal prawns(MYR32).  Spicy and fresh, it had a very nyonya taste.   Went well with the white rice.

Sambal prawns

We heard about the otak.  Unfortunately, it was not available.  Next time must try, I made a mental note.  The only dish we did not fancy was the nyonya pongteh chicken(MYR9).  The stewed chicken with potatoes was overcooked and the gravy a little dilute.

Nyonya ponteh chicken

By this time, we were almost full.  However, I could not resist to order the nyonya popiah (MYR5). Popiah skin was a little different from other stalls.  Got a feeling it was home-made.

Nyonya popiah – simple and ordinary

The final item was the nyonya chendol (MYR5).  How can one not have chendol when in Melaka ?  The good quality gula melaka was thick and fragnant.  Coconut milk was thick though I think it was not home made.  Kidney red beans were not used here.  Green rice flour jerry was smooth.  It is always nice to have this traditional cold dessert especially in the oppressive heat of Melaka.

We loved the nyonya chendol

It was wonderful meal.  We left beaming with delight.


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