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The Moonbird Does Think Only of the Moon (달새는달만생각한다)

The café name itself is intriguing. Just does not understand what does it mean. Later I read that the owner is a a poet. That explains everything. I just need to explore this place and I did.

It is located at a small alley right next to the popular Ssamziegil in Insadong, a very touristy attraction. In fact, we were here having dinner at a restaurant one night not knowing Moonbird was just at the end of the row. There is another café nearby which has a bird cage hanging outside the entrance. Initially, I thought it was Moonbird, but it was not. The Moonbird exterior is well decorated with flowing leaves and plants.

From the Anguk Station Exit 6 , Line 6 – walk down the main street. Turn left on 12 Insadong-gil and walk to the end of the row. It is on the left hand side. Hours: 10am-11pm.

Housed in a hanok building off the main drag of the madness of Insadong, the attractiveness of this café is almost everything inside is recycled. Not the food. It is full of ornaments and art but not messy. Unlike most modern cafes in Seoul, Moonbird has its uniqueness in a charming way. It was packed when we were there in the afternoon. The young lady server was pleasant although she was the only one serving at that time. Stressed but still maintained a smile. This is what I call service is all about.

The tea comes in a big cup which is served with complimentary traditional sweets. I had the ginger tea with some herbs. Strong taste but very sweet for my liking. In fact, the other tea ordered by wife and daughter were also sweet. It is not cheap but I reckon the ambience is something one comes here to enjoy. This place is more for tea than coffee.


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This entry was posted on November 3, 2016 by in South Korea Travel.
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