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Sanmootonge (산모퉁이)

When I read about the Sanmootonge Café in Buam-Dong area, a quiet and exlusive neighbourhood, it piques my interest. I have to visit this café. This is not a easy place to find because you need to take subway, bus and walk about 20 minutes.
Coming out of Gyeongbok Palace Station (경복궁역) Line 3 Exit 3 – walk straight to the second bus stop with LED display – board any bus 1020, 7022, 7212 – alight at Buam-Dong Community Service Centre 부암동주민센터 – a total 6 stops (including destination ) – about 10 minutes ride. Can use T-money card for the bus ride.

After alighting at the bus stop, turn right and walk straight till you see a dark brown building Espresso Club at a intersecting road. Turn left and just walk and you will reach a 3-level tall white building at the road fork. Keep walking uphill for about 15 minutes and there are signboards to indicate the way to Sanmootonge Café.

We had a hard time locating the place. One very helpful Korean man who did not speak a single word of English kept telling us the direction which obviously we could not understand. With signs and nods, we followed his directed information. His intention was good but his direction was incorrect. Poor us, we needed to climb very steep and windy slopes along very exclusive area of residential area. After puffs and huffs for about 35 minutes arduous climb in the rather warm weather, we finally reached Sanmootonge. We realized later through the Exspresso Club way was a better option.

Nevertheless, the panoramic view of the surroundings and Seoul fortress made our uphill climb worth it. Sanmootonge is the filming location for K-drama Coffee Prince which beckons K-fans to come here daily. I am not a K-drama fan, so to speak.
Sanmootonge is a charming place amidst the natural
surroundings. The distinct yellow Volkswagon placed the entrance seems like the mascot of the café. Once entered the café, you will the place is big with rooms at the 2nd and 3rd floor and also at the basement. All with open view of the beautiful scenery. The rooms are artistically adorned for patrons to enjoy.

Latte at 8000 won is not cheap and nothing extraordinary. I was quite disappointed with the young man who took orders with his no-care atitude. He did not even utter a word of hello when we entered. Brush this aside, just soak in the ambience and vast nature giving off the overwhelming feeling of timelessness. We did.

Sanmootonge (산모퉁이)
Seoul Jongno-gu Buamdong 97-5
Phone: +82 2-391-4737


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This entry was posted on November 3, 2016 by in South Korea Travel.
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