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How we travel from Seoul to Sokcho

Getting to Sokcho from Seoul is quite straight forward and easy. Since there is no train service from Seoul to Sokcho, we need to take the bus. Please take note there are a few bus terminals in Seoul itself. As my guesthouse is near the Sokcho Intercity Bus Terminal, I have to board the bus from Dong Seoul Bus Terminal.

From Gangbyeon Station (Line 2) Exit 4 – cross the main road to the Dong Seoul Bus Terminal. On the ground floor are the ticket counters where I purchased the KRW 17,300 per person bus ticket. On the second floor is the express bus ticket counters. I took a snap shot of the Sokcho Intercity Bus Terminal in Korean to show to the seller. There is also a Sokcho Express Bus Terminal in Sokcho.

I did not have any advance booking of the tickets even for my return trip. However, it all depends when. Understand weekends will be crowded.

To my delight, the bus has arrangement of 3 comfortable seats per row. Super VIP seats. One short toilet break during the about 2 hours ride.

If you are visiting the Seroksan National Park, after arriving at Sokcho Intercity Bus Terminal – come out from the main gate – turn right and walk straight – cross a main road – walk straight till you see a small bus stop – take bus 7 or 7-1 – can use T-money card. About 10 minutes walk. Bus ride is about 30 minutes.


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This entry was posted on November 3, 2016 by in South Korea Travel.
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