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Walkway between KLCC and Pavillion

Have read about this airconditioned bridge that links KLCC to Pavillion at Bukit Bintang.  This is quite interesting for me to miss it when we were in KL recently.



If you are starting from Pavillion, the walk begins at the Connection area where there are lot of hip cafes and bars.  Just go along the bridge.  It is about 20 minutes walk.  Maybe it is due to the super hot weather, it was quite stuffy inside but bearable.


On the other hand, coming from KLCC, the journery starts from where Guardian pharmacy is (at the basement).




From here, walk until you reach the Aquaria.


Take the elevator up.  Then take another elevator for the link bridge.




Without the bridge, many people will not bother to walk though the distance is not far.  Now, airconditioned and sheltered bridge, this is certainly benefit the tourists/locals as well as the retail shopping trade in KL.

This is something like the GOKL free shuttle service that stops at various tourist spots.  Alas, I see more foreign workers taking the bus than tourists……


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