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Other delights

Hameeds Prata
We were looking for breakfast and by chance saw Hameeds.  Just opposite Kotaraya,  this is one of many coffee shops along the streets.

Hameeds Prata

Hameeds Prata

We were delighted the roti prata (or the they call roti canai here) was very well done.  Not too greasy or salty.  It was crispy and light.  The gravy was also good.

Crispy yet not too oily

Crispy yet not too oily

Our breakfast beverage

Our breakfast beverage

Normally when I eat roti prata, I always go for plain kind.  With egg, it sort mask the flour flavor with that eggy taste.


Snowflake Dessert
For a refreshing fruit dessert hot or cold, we saw Snowflake kiosk near the elevator at level 4 of Pavillion KL.





Very colourful and big portion.  Three of us shared delightfully



HongKong Sheng Kee Dessert


Feeling tired and looking for somewhere to rest our legs and ‘refeul’, we stopped at this HongKong Dessert at the basement of 1Utama.



Black glutinous rice with  coconut ice cream and honey pearl.  The rice version here was cooked rather thickly.  Singapore version is little watery and dilute.



Passion fruit with pomelo was refreshing.



The yin and yang paste was cleverly done.  Tasted good too.



Hutong Food Centre
Another favourite of ours is the black soy Hokkien fried mee at the basement of Lot 10.  Very delicious, no doubt.  I saw the chef adding lot of msg into it.





We also ordered the Penang chay kway teocheow with duck egg.  First time, eating with duck egg.  Tasted very rich.



The Library@KLCC
The setting is more so like a library.  Big sofa chairs and comfortable seats for one to sit down and relax. Lighting is dim and warm type.





Latte comes in different colour cups with intricate latte art.



We sat at the upstair section.  Quiet and relaxed mood.




A French and Japanese café located at G146, 1 Utama old wing was formerly known as Miam Miam. Looking for a break, we went in for our caffeine fix and light bite.



Interesting posters on the wall are eye-catching.



Of course, it is coffee for us.


Soup is thick and as usual, it is for someone who loves soup very much – my daughter



Cake is good but have eaten better one.



Gloria Jean’s Coffee @ KLIA2




The coffee was thick and aromatic. Though I would prefer not to have the plastic cup, I quite enjoyed the caffeine. The cup was huge. Maybe two could share a cup.



The cinnamon bun was quite ordinary

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