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Daytrip to Genting Highlands

Decided to visit Genting Highlands for our last day in KL.  Went to Sentral Pudu to buy the bus ticket.  This place was a hub of activity and action when most buses pull over here from long distance ride.  Now, it is almost like a ghost hub.  Ticket floor was not even lighted or airconditioned.  What a shame!  Nevertheless bought our tickets from Go Genting bus at RM11 per head.  It also included the skyway – the cable car that leads all way to Hotel First World.



Had not been to Genting for several years and first thing when I arrived – it was not as cold as before.  In fact , it was quite warm.  Too much construction.


Taking the cable car

As it was a festive period, the crowd was overwhelming.  I did not enjoy the visit.  Someone mentions if you are not going to the casino, why go to Genting ?  Shopping ?  KL has plenty.



I was also very pissed off that the Go Genting bus back to Pudu Sentral did not arrive as scheduled.  5 to 10 minutes was acceptable.  It came half an hour late !   Nobody informed while we waited and waited.  No apology.  This is the culture here.  No sense of accountability.



We also experienced a similar incident with Starmart bus which we booked for going back to Singapore.  Every year, we took Starmart bus without any issue.  This time, the bus was 30 minutes late.  Again, nobody informed.  We were glad when the bus finally arrived was a double-decker bus.



Back to KL February 2016


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