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Useful Information – Taiwan

Taiwan people  

 Generally, they are friendly and helpful.  One episode was when I asked a young lady for direction.  Though she did not have the answer, she willingly sought help from someone to assist me.  Appreciated and impressed.

        Saving the environment 

 Plastic bag is not supplied readily.  Example in Watson and Seven-Eleven stores.


 This card is very useful for transport.  No need to worry how much the exact fare.  Just tap.

            Public bus from airport to Taipei city

 We took Kuo Kuang bus 1819 from airport and reached Taipei Main Station in about 45 minutes.


 Did not see many around except in the airport.

       Street food

 Plenty around and price is reasonable.  Not every stall is good.


 I find the service sector is good even among the street food vendors.


 It is prohibited in public areas – train, bus, restaurant, etc. 

    Map of Taiwan.  Contains many useful travel info.
     Taiwan’s official tourist website – lot of information regarding accommodation, getting around, food and many others.
   Taiwan High Speed Rail website – timetable and fare information for your travel plan.
   Taiwan Railways Adminstration website – route information, timetable and fare.
    Taipei Metro  –  a detailed route info on MRT travel
      A good resource of travel info.                  

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