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Food Taiwan 2012

Part of the fun of travelling is to try the delicacies of the country one visits.  Taiwan is a food haven.  Everywhere you can find small food eateries and cafes, not to mention the numerous restaurants.  Being a food lover who lives to eat, I am introducing food that we saw, we ate and we tried.  Hope you enjoy it.

We chanced upon this stall which was near to Flip Flop hostel where we stayed.
We liked the QQ rice ball so much we had it for breakfast 3 striaght days. TWD 35
The famous Ah Chong Mee Sua at Ximending. Personally, I did not like it. It is overrated.
This dumpling and ‘la mien’ shop was recommended by Star Hostel owner. It turned out to be right choice. We went there 3 times. It is located just behind Star Hostel, near a pet shop.

Tofu and nuts. Simple yet delicious.
Kind of seaweed and vegetables.
Sour and spicy soup. Voted best dish by us.
Another popular dish – though name is different – it is ‘xaio long pau’
The la mien here had grounded nut added to it. Yum.


Heard so much about Din Tai Fong ‘s xaio long pau that I needed to try.
It is located at Sogo, Zhongxiao Fuxing MRT station

Chefs making xiao long pau

Steaming hot xiao long pau. Good.

Not sure what it is called. Made up of tau kee.
Fried rice was not as good as I expected.
These were quite similiar to siew mai.
Simple and plain green veggy.
Santouka ramen. Locate same floor as Din Tai Fong. There was always a very long queue for the ramen.
Salmon salad
We waited an hour in the queue for this pork soup-based ramen. Verdict: Good but did not have the WOW factor to lure me back again.


Another bowl of ramen
Deep fried pork was delicious

Maokong – a nice place to spend your time to have lunch or a cup of tea
This is the restaurant we had lunch at Maokong. There are many such restaurants
here. Quite nice ambience.
Big and airy on 2nd floor.
Green veg. One of three dishes we had.
Claypot tofu
Half steamed free range chicken. Tasty and sweet. This meal was the expensive we had on our trip.
The red tea. To my dismay, it was too sweet. Initially, I thought it was hot beverage but turned out to be cold.
Lemon drink – very sweet too.
Shilin Night Market – most famous night in Taipei
Long queue at the Hot Star fried chicken stall. Very tasty.
Smelly Tofu – very popular but I just could not swallow it.
Another street food
Kind of veggy stuffed puff
Barbecued stuff
30 years old stall, so says the name
Giant sauages
Not sure what was this. Something to do with milk.
Most of the Taiwanese delicacies sold here.
For a change, we had home-cooked food in Laurel Villa, Sun Moon Lake.
Very plain but healty soup.
This is Taiwan green veg that we cannot get it back home. Delicious.
Sweet and sour pork.
Coffin bread stall – found in the open air market called Tse Chiang in Hualien.
Coffin bread is actually kind of sandwich with different toppings. Quite unique name, though.
The food is barbecued and added with special gravy. Very popular.
Popular pao recommended by our Taroko guide.
Another popular pao recommendation.
Danshui street food


Juifen street food


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