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Daytrips from Taipei

We stayed in Taipei for 6 nights broken into 2 different periods.  We took this period to make daytrips to nearby places of interest by public transport.   Hope the ‘Getting here’ will help you as much as I get help from other helpful blogs.   There are many ways to get to a place.  In my blog, obviously it is our way to get to a place.


Yes.  Everyone that comes to Taiwan will visit Juifen.  It is quite an enjoyable daytrip if not for the hot weather in July.  It is very touristy with many eateries and Taiwanese snacks and products.  We also had tea at one of the many teahouses at the hilltop.  Price was not cheap.    

Getting here :
From Taipei Main Station, we boarded the local train Chu Kang to Rui Fang station.  The ride was smooth and took about an hour.  From Front Exit of the station, we walked about 5 minutes to the other side of side to catch the bus to Juifen.  There was a crowd waiting for it.  The uphill journery took about 30 to 45 minutes to reach. Going back to Taipei from here will be just the reverse way.  For us, we were lucky someone told us we could take a bus back.  The bus stop is just opposite the stop where we took the bus to Juifen.  Smooth and comfortable 45 minutes ride to final stop near  SOGO Department Store Fuxing  (nearest MRT – Zhongxiao Fuxing Station) 


Maokong Gondola

This is 4.3km gondola lift transportion system that has 4 stations.  It is quite an enjoyable ride over the lush green of trees and hills.  After the last station, Maokong, there are many teahouses where one can enjoy a cuppa or has lunch.  We lunched here and I paid the most expensive meal we had in Taiwan –TWD 1150 for 3 people.  Nice scenery.  Unfortunately, it was raining quite heavily that trapped us in this restaurant for more than 2 hours.Due to the rain, it was insufficient time to visit the Taipei zoo which was nearby.  Disappointed.

 Getting here :
From Taipei Main Station – take the Bannan Line(blue) to Zhongxiao Fuxing – change to Muzha Line (brown) and all the way to Taipei Zoo station


Another popular spot for tourists and residents.  Old streets that have many eateries and snacks.  Take a slow walk along the seafront and enjoy the breeze.  

Getting here :
From Taipei Main Station – take the Danshui Line (red) all the way to the last station.

Shilin Night Market

A must visit for tourist.  This is the most famous night market in Taipei.  Many eateries and snacks.  Very crowded.  We bought the Hot Star Fried Chicken for TWD 55.  Yummy.  We also tried the all famous smelly tofu.  Unfortunately, the spell was overpowdering for me to eat it.  Threw it away after a small bite.   In fact, smelly tofu is so popular here that you can find it easily. 

 Getting here :
From Taipei Main Station – take the Danshui Line (red) and alight at Jiantan Station.

Longshan Temple

It is located in the heart of Wanhua District (Monga) – Taipei ‘s oldest district.  It is established in 1738.  It is always crowded with worshippers.  The Huaxi Street Tourist Night Market is also nearby that serves snake and turtle delicacies.  The area is also the site of former “red light district”.  No wonder, I could see some dodgy figures around.  I didn’t feel good while there.  

Getting here :
From Taipei Main Station – take the Bannan Line (blue) and alight at Longshan Temple station.

Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall

For our last day in Taiwan, we decided to take a look at CKS Memorial Hall.  We were not disappointed.  This is huge square with magnificient buildings to commemorate the memory of Taiwan former  president who died in 1975. 

Getting here :
From Taipei Main Station – take the Danshui Line (red) and 2 stops away,alight at CKC MH Station.

Yehliu Geopark

The day we went to visit this tourist attraction, it was so hot that it burnt my skin.  Bring along umbrella and hat if you are visiting in July.  It is not a big place to explore but interestingly enough.  Closing time is 5pm.  Entrance fee is TWD50.We were unfortunate to meet the hordes of tourist  during our visit.  Thousands. It was almost like night market.  They just love to take the picture of themselves.  All kinds of pattern and position.  Poor security officers at the park had a hard time controlling the crowd.

Getting here :
We went to Yehliu by public bus.  From Taipei Bus Station A – you can reach here through underground from Taipei Main Station – the bus will stop along the route.  It took about 80 minutes.  It is wise to let the driver know you are alighting at Yehliu as not many people alight here.Going back to Taipei – go to the opposite side of side of road where you alight

Pingxi Line

Three main towns dotted the 12.9km single track line – Jingtong, Pingxi and Shifen.  The slow but steady train ride provides an air of adventure and romance of the scenic travel rail experience.  The train just rolls straight through the middle of the village.  There is no fence.  This has been for years.  Somehow, the villagers just know when to clear the rail.  It’s amazing.Of the 3 towns, I found Shifen was the most visited and interesting.  Another unique thing you will see is the paper lanterns carrying your wishes letting go into the sky.  Per lantern is TWD100.  If you visit during night time, it will be a beautiful sight.Somehow, I found it was quite unpleasant to walk around.  I knew why.  It was the July heat.  If you can, visit during the cooler months after Oct.  I am sure you will enjoy this rustic and scenic visit.

Getting here :
From Rui Fang station, you can purchase the Pingxi Line day pass at TWD52 per head.  Be warned this is a very popular tourist destination, there will be massive crowd.  In fact, we stood all the way during  the train ride from Taipei to Rui Fang.


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