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From Canakkale, our next destination was Selcuk.  Checking around, we had 2 bus options.  One was the overnight trip and another leaving at 0815 in the morning.  However, the morning trip did not go direct to Selcuk.  It stopped at Izmir.  Decided to take the morning bus as overnight travel always produced hangover effect due to unable to sleep well.  Bought the Truva bus ticket at 40 TL pp.  We reached Izmir octagar after 6 hours and immediately someone was shouting “Selcuk” .  Took the dolmus for 9TL pp.  It was about an hour ride.

Selcuk was a small town, kind of laid-back and relaxed place.   We walked from Selcuk bus station to Ephesus Suites where we were going to stay for 2 nights.  It was the best stay of the trip.  Only 4 rooms with beautiful decorations and modern comfort.  The breakfast was sumptuous with specially made bread baked by the amicable housekeeper.

We also stayed at Amazon Antique Hotel for another 2 nights.  It was also another pleasant stay.  Owner was very friendly and helpful.  I understand there is another extension of Amazon coming very soon.

The second day, we made our trip to where else – Ephesus or in Turkish:Efes.  No tourist will miss Efes.  We went to the Selcuk bus station to catch the dolmus to Efes.  2.5TL pp.  About 15 minutes ride.

Efes was a ancient Greek city and later a Roman city.  The ruins left today were magnificent.  Unfortunately, as in many famous and historical sites, it was inundated with tourists.  It was a very hot day and practically, there was no shelter at the site.  Bring a cap and I wore sun glass to protect my eyes from the blazing sun.  We also bought tickets (15TL) to enter the Terrace House.  Restoration/excavation works were still on during our visit.   more…

We joined the conducted tour for this trip at 45  pp.  The group was small with Itaian couple, South African couple, Indonesian father and son, HongKong 3 young people and Singaporean family.  This was a long trip as one way from Selcuk to Pamukkale took about 3 hours.

I would not want to mention again – but it was crowded.  People from all corners of the world came to take a look at the cotton caste effect of the reaction of calcium carbonate.  It was a phenomena.  It is recognized as a World Heritage Site.

At the top of the white castle was the ancient ruins of Roman and Byzantine city of Hierapolis also designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.  Within the site was the Cleopatra’s Pool which you need to pay 32TL if you want to take a dip.  It was as usual crowded.   more…

It is a small village located about 6 kilometers from Selcuk.  It is famous for its wine.  It was also very touristy.  We took dolmus from Selcuk bus station at 3TL pp.  About 30 minutes ride.   It made a good side trip from Selcuk.  more…

We took a domestic flight (Pegasus airline)  back to Istanbul from Izmir.  About an hour ride to Ataturk International Airport.


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