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Spent 2 nights in this small waterfront town.  Only reason why we came here was to visit the Gallipoli, located in East Thrace of European part of Turkey, the Argean Sea to the West and the Dardanelles straits to the east.
The Gallipoli campaign produced a Turkish national hero of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk who became the founder and first president of the modern Turkish state with the title Ataturk.

We took the tram from Sultanhamet station to Yusufpasa-Aksaray station.  Exited from here, followed the sign to Aksaray Metro Istasyonu for the train to the sixth stop – Octogar.  Took the Truva bus (at Buyuk Octogar) for 6 hours before having to cross the straits  from Eceabat to the town.  Bus ticket bought from guesthouse at 50TL per person.  It was a smooth ride with toilet breaks and light refreshment served.

Our hotel ,Anzac Hotel was just a few minutes walk from the ferry point.  Nearby were restaurants and cafes.  Very touristy.  We booked our Gallipoli tour from our hotel for 75 TL per person.  Included transport, lunch and entrance  tickets and English speaking guide. 

Gallipoli site was huge and crowded.  It was impossible to visit on your own as I did not see any public transport available.   Who will believe such a beautiful and peaceful site was actually the battle field once ?  more…


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This entry was posted on June 17, 2013 by in travel.
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