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Sun Moon Lake 2012

Interior of the HSR train. We took the HSR from Taipei to Taichung at TWD 700 per head. Very comfortable and after slightly more than an hour, we reached our destination.

Fares of HSR to various destinations. I know you can purchase special THSR 5 dsys pass. Further details, call 65-67334977.

Package lunch for long distance ride. Very common here. Quite delicious.

Taichung HSR station. This is different from Taichung Rail Station which is quite far away.

This is the bus we took to Sun Moon Lake – about an hour ride. Go down from Taichung HSR to basement to board the bus. Ticket is also purhcased nearby.

Sun Moon Lake Visitor Informatation Centre where we alighted. We stayed at Laurel Villa which was about 5 minutes walk from here.

There are various types of day pass to tour Sun Moon Lake.

One of the many restaurants found in Sun Moon Lake. Food is not cheap here.

This is only place you can walk around. Very small town. If you intend to shop, Sun Moon Lake is not right choice.

Luckily, there is a Starbucks Coffee to hang around in the evening. Nothing nuch to do in SML in the night.

Shueishe Pier where the action is. Many boat operators will harass you to buy the boat tickets from them. If you do not intend, just smile and walk away.

We spent our afternoon walking around and enjoyed the beautiful scenery of the Shueishe Pier.

Load of tourists will scramble to take a picture with this stone.




We woke up at 5.30am to witness the sun rise at this hill top. This was service by Laurel Villa owner. Unfortuantely, no sun rise but still beautiful views and lot of fresh air.



Tea plantation.



The boat ride from Shueishe Pier will bring you to 3 islands. This is one of the islands we visited and did a track.


At the end of the track, we reached this temple at the hill top. Nice view.

View from hill top.

Ita Thao Village – another pit stop for the boat ride.

Visitor centre and tickets booth for ferry and cable car ride.

Plenty of street food and we had our lunch here.

Delicious chicken stuffed with rice.

Braised tofu stuffed with vegetables.


From Sun Moon Lake, we took the public bus to Taichung Bus Station (just next Taichung Rail Station) to proceed to Alsihan.


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